100% mineral ionized water detergent made from water and minerals
MISOONSOO is widely used in food industry, high air deodorization, catering,
livestock and agricultural and fishery industries instead of sodium hydroxide or surfactant.
industrial sites
MISOONSOO, a mineral ionized water detergent that can replace
dangerous sodium hydroxide.
Especially, it is excellent for cleaning oil stains of fryers,
production facilities, and hoods in food factories.
NO Bubble!
With 100% mineral ionized water, no harmful substances, from oily and stain cleaning, to deodorization and disinfection!
With MISOONSOO, every place in your restaurant can be kept clean.
livestock industry
MISOONSOO livestock drinking water strengthens immunity through the detox effect and can prevent various diseases by reducing the stress of livestock.
When MISOONSOO livestock deodorant water is sprayed on the house,it decomposes and removes the bacteria that cause odor.
Agriculture Industry
MISOONSOO provides a fundamental solution to producing healthy food by improving soil contaminated with chemical fertilizers and various pesticides.
It is effective in the survival of crops and helps to produce high-quality agricultural products by minimizing the use of pesticides.
Food industry, high-altitude deodorization, food service, livestock and agricultural and fisheries industries!
Customized consulting is possible for any industry.

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